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Recovery Girls Rock CDC is a 501 C 3 nonprofit organization.
 (Community Development Corporation)
African American Kids Dancing

Recovery Girls Rock relies on community support not only to help support events like our women's retreat but also to continually offer the breadth of services that we do. Generous financial and in-kind donations support critical programs and services for women in recovery.


Please see donations options below to join us in our continued effort to help Recovery Girls Rock. 


RGR is in constant need of gently used or new casual/business wear & shoes for women in recovery.  As well as baby / toddler clothes & shoes .  Women escaping from domestic violence situations, transitioning from prostitution, sex trafficking , homelessness and re entry from prison .  Please call 833-747-5514 directly for drop off or pick up information . 

Sponsorship levels allows RGR to help women with children


RGR Life Line Program Literature 

Re-Unification Program 

Transportation Services

RGR Clothing Closet 

Sponsorship Opportunities


Supports 100 women with RGR Lifeline Program

Materials or 3 women with housing &

supportive services for a year.



Supports 50 women with RGR Lifeline Program

Materials or 2 women with housing &

supportive service for a year.



Supports 25 women with RGR Lifeline Program

Materials or 1 women with housing &

supportive service for a year.



 RGR Lifeline program materials.




RGR Lifeline program materials. 




RGR Lifeline program materials.




RGR Lifeline program materials.


$200 (per attendee)

Retreat attendee sponsorship


Delena Zimmerman, LMFT

Recovery Girls Rock is an organization of refuge that provides a safe place for women to explore their journey from traumas to transformations. Helen Hassel  in her grace and her obedience has delivered God’s vision to women that recover from many aspects of addiction and pain. RGR gives permission for women to release shame and to say in community, I need support, I trust you, I am you. Job well done!


~Delena Zimmerman, LMFT


Minister Dawn Denise Joyner

We recover out loud so we don't die in silence HALLELUJAH.  RGR is a gift to the world that is still unfolding and revealing itself at a global level GLORY.  The very principle of which it was founded ”we don't die in silence” has been paramount to me personally.  The freedom of living MY VOICE MATTERS became my reality because of the foundation set as THIS work from God.  I am forever changed and shall Rock Forward for the rest of my days GLORY.


Life Essentials with ZinaLetrece!

"Recovery Girls Rock has proved to be a necessary oasis in my self-care desert. I appreciate RGR's dedicated space allowing me to focus on my needs so I may better serve others." Life Essentials with ZinaLetrece!

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